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About Paired Power

Paired Power manufactures solar-powered and microgrid electric vehicle charger facilities (EVCF) that pair solar energy with EV charging, energy storage, and the grid.  Paired Power’s flagship product is PairTree™, a microgrid EV charger that pairs a 4.6kW solar array with a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) to provide Level-2 EV charging day or night.   PairTree has designed its solar EVCF product to lead the field of solar powered EV charging, providing dependable microgrid power with no moving parts that require ongoing maintenance.  The company also specializes in microgrid solutions for fleet charging that combine solar power, battery storage, and the grid to power vehicles without utility upgrades.


Paired Power pioneered and developed the technology to charge EVs directly from solar panels.  We patented the direct-DC approach to EV charging via solar energy in 2018 and have been the leading innovator in this space since our founding.  Based in Campbell, California, we are an American manufacturer whose products are eligible for solar and EV charger incentives at the 10% higher rates for U.S. manufacturers under the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).

About Paired Power

Paired Power is reimagining charging mobility by pairing ultraclean solar power with innovative charging and storage solutions that are fast to deploy, resiliently outage proof, and cost effective to own. Featuring the flexibility to charge anywhere, off grid and on, its stations require little to no construction and deploy in months or years like other charging alternatives. And the total cost of owning Paired Power solutions is less than competing alternatives due to lower installation costs and attractive solar incentives.


Founded in 2015, Paired Power is led by a team of renewable energy veterans with more than 100 years of combined solar engineering experience and a track record of innovation, including 25 U.S. patents. The company has deployed hundreds of successful projects across the U.S.


Paired Power solutions are proudly made in America to create high paying jobs and a lower carbon footprint.

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