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Transforming the future of EV charging

Off-grid EV charging


PairTree, the world’s first pop-up solar canopy, offers freedom from costly construction and infrastructure upgrades required with traditional solar canopy installation. 

Single-day installation gets you up and running quickly with 100% renewable energy.

PairTree can be equipped with our EV charging station, integrated battery storage system


Public Areas

Workplaces, retail,

and EV fleets

Schools and universities 

Military & Government

No more waiting – install today, charge today from 100% solar power.

Our products are ideally positioned for:

High-powered EV charging

SunStation Chargers

SunStation HPC (High-Powered Charger), is a direct-DC Fast Charger, capable of fueling your EV with 100% solar energy at power levels up to 60 kW.

SunStation Level 2 chargers paired with PairTree deliver Level 2 charging rates from 100% solar energy via the SAE J1772 interface.

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