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Diagram of SunStation system architecture

SunStation Chargers

EV charging powered by the sun

Closeup of Sun Station charger with car in background

EV charging

SunStation Level 2 Charger

SunStation Level 2 chargers paired with PairTree deliver Level 2 charging rates from 100% solar energy via the SAE J1772 interface.

  • Power Type: AC

  • Charging Standard: J1772

  • Max Charge Rate: 5 kW

  • Solar Power Source: PairTree

  • Grid Connection: Optional

  • Emergency Power Panel: Optional

  • Markets: Workplace, Public, MUD, and Destination

SunStation HPC (High Powered Charger) delivers what no other DC Fast Charger can offer – 100% renewable energy EV charging, and includes the following benefits:

SunStation Charger Benefits

Power on icon

Resilient power

(no more grid outages)

bill illustration

Lowest cost,

no utility bill

Arrow pointing up

No electrical


Plug and extension

Scalable and


Plug and cord

Up to 20% more

energy delivered

Can't get enough power fast enough to your site?

SunStation HPC is designed to support DC fast charging applications for:

View and download our product datasheet

SunStation Chargers

Row of Sun Station chargers in parking lot

High-powered EV charging

SunStation HPC

SunStation HPC (High-Powered Charger), is a direct-DC Fast Charger, capable of fueling your EV with 100% solar energy at power levels up to 60 kW.

  • Power Type: Direct-DC (DC-DC)

  • Charging Standard: CCS1

  • Max Output: 60 kW

  • Solar Power Source: Ground-mount or PV Carport

  • Grid Connection: Optional

  • Markets: Fleets & Public DCFC

System Architecture

Efficient and resilient direct PV-to-EV power

Tractor in field


Dump truck

Construction fleets

Row of school buses

School buses

SunStation canopy charger

Public and private DC fast charging sites

Row of city buses

City and commercial

EV fleets

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